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Apartments are set out over three floors. It suits perfectly for families or a group of friends after a day of skiing. The apartment has an airy guest room with a fire place, two bed rooms, a kitchen, two bathrooms with a bath. It also has a spacious balcony with a beautiful view of the mountains. The apartment is designed for six people plus two extra if needed.
Quadrature 105m2

  1. Two balconies.
  2. An Electric stove.
  3. A closet.
  4. 3 TVs.
  5. Mini bar.
  6. Crockery for 6 people.
  7. Writing desk.

The Bathroom:
  • Bath (3rd floor)
  • Shower (2nd floor)
  • Two mirrors, makeup tables.
  • two hair dryers.
  • gowns.